Wedding Photography

You have to remember that every wedding photography shoot that you cover deserves a blog post and not for the reasons that you think.

wedding photographyYou’re not doing it for your current clients. Although it may be true that you are posting stuff about weddings that you have previously covered, you are not technically doing the blog for the courtesy of those said clients. You are basically trying to attract potential clients who might want to book you in the future by showing them how capable you are when it comes to providing coverage as a wedding photographer Peterborough. A blog can be one of the most useful marketing platforms that you could ever get your hands on and for as long as you are able to put in the right amount of time and effort into the composition of the blog, you will be able to pull it off the right way.

Keep the title of the wedding photography blog simple and on point.

There is a common formula that every wedding photographer should go for when it comes to the composition of the title of the blog. Just put in the names of the couple, the venue, and then the actual location where the wedding is being held in. this will make it easy for people to put in searches about the blog post and perhaps even be redirected to your blog when they look up the names of the venues that you put in as well. The title needs to be kept clean and simple all the time so try not to crowd it with any extra adjectives or adverbs in the process. Stick to the formula as much as possible because you can always get creative with the content body but as much as possible; try to avoid doing that with the title of the blog.

Learn your way around writing because you need it to help boost your wedding photography blog.

Content is everything when it comes to the blogging part of things so you need to really take your time when you are trying to come up with some original content for the blog that you are trying to write up. Pace yourself and build it up from one sentence to the next. You don’t have to finish it all in one go. Look up the right kind of inspiration and try to gain momentum from there because you will eventually get the hang of things for as long as you keep working on your writing. Try to read up on books, magazines, or even other blogs because reading can help you more or less compose your thoughts better when it all comes down to it.

Layout well.

Remember that the image layout is one of the most important parts of the blog that you are trying to compose so make sure that you are able to do it right. Try to learn from how the professional magazines out there to their image layouts. Be picky when it comes to the photos that you include. You need to be able to tell a story in the photos that you arrange and you need to place them together in such a way wherein it will all get to make sense.

Wedding Photography

wedding photographyIf you are a wedding photographer who is new to the blogging scene, then what you need to know is that you need to include a vendor list at the bottom of the blog that you are trying to write up one way or the other. This particular list of vendors should have the live link right next to the official business names so that the people reading up on the blog have the option to click through on the links and they will eventually be led to those referral links at the end of the day. You should go through the motions of really noting down the name and the contact info of each and every single wedding service provider in the wedding that you are trying to cover.

If you think you might end up spreading yourself too thin with your must-have shot list and with the rest of the other sequences that you need to keep up with in the process, then you can always delegate the task to gather the info of everyone in the wedding service aspect of the wedding. Get your assistant or at least your second shooter to get that task covered for you. Go through the motions of really reaching out to the service providers once you are done writing up the blog so that you will be able to use it as some kind of platform for you to network with the rest of all of the other people out there. This can really bid well for the wedding photography business that you are trying to improve and grow. The great part in all of this is the fact that a lot of people will be more than happy to really return the favor for you and refer you as well in their blogs.

Announce your new blog post in your social media accounts.

This is something that you should make as a regular part of your practice as a wedding photographer hampshire. This is something that will really be able to give you and your blog post the kind of traction that you need in order to really get the message out there. More people will be able to see your work and they will get to know about you and about what you are trying to do when it all comes down to it. Social media is one of the most powerful and at the same time underrated platforms for marketing that you should not miss out on one way or the other. Don’t neglect your social media accounts because you will be wasting a perfectly good opportunity for you to be able to really grow your business when it all comes down to it.

Tag your images as much as possible.

This is something that will take a little bit more work when you come to think about it but if you would like to sure that your posts are optimized as much as possible, then you should definitely throw in that extra task. Google will be able to index your images better and it is something that can work well for search engine optimization.