Wedding Photography

wedding photography websiteEvery profession has its ups and downs and the best way to deal with these ups and downs would be to get a guide for it. As humans, we are all different and it goes to say that we all have our unique ways of learning. There would always be individuals who tend to pick up things faster than others and there would also be the select few who are more skillful than others but this does not mean that they can do away with the necessary training that goes with a certain profession.

The Internet

If wedding photography is something you intend to delve in to, then you have to be prepared to get the right wedding photography guide whether it is from a wedding photography website, a wedding shower or from a book store. One tool you can effectively make use of as you journey through the world of wedding photography is the internet as you can literally find anything on it. You can even access the internet to search for that bookstore that offers the guide you need or you simply download an ebook from the internet. The internet is also a place to go to if you need various tips regarding the different aspects of wedding photography.

Related topics and subjects

One thing you need to have at the back of your mind when scouting for wedding photography guides us that they are of different types and relate to different topics and subjects. For example, if you need a guide on how to create a wedding photography website, you need to include that specifically into the search engine to make the results relatable to your needs or else, simply typing wedding photography guide can bring about different results that do not cover what you need. For someone not operating a big budget for a guide to wedding photography, the internet is a good option as you are likely to come across book selling websites that offer affordable prices on the books.

Locate a wedding photography website

Wedding photography has different aspects that can be explored as it encourages an appreciation for the arts but before thinking about getting a wedding photography guide it would be prudent to locate a wedding photography website that can provide knowledge regarding the type of equipment needed for photography. This is because no true professional goes to work without the relevant tools. Lack of proper equipment gives you little to no chance of showcasing your skill. From the right photography website, you can make a list of the equipment you need then you can start your shopping.

Get the right wedding photography guide.

After the purchase of your equipment, you can now focus on getting a foot in the wedding photography business by getting the right wedding photography guide. It is best to seek out the opinion of experts who have had experience with this kind of situation. You need to know your direction beforehand so that it would make it easier for you not to get confused by the things you come across during your search for the photography guide. You are bound to come across tips and information from different photographers about their experiences so learn from this and use it to make your decision.

General Photography

Check photographer’s ability to tell a story

wedding photographerIf you would like to know how you will be able to more or less curate the works of the wedding photographers that you are reviewing for the wedding or for the coverage of your wedding, one thing that you should try to really take a look at is a wedding photographer’s ability to go ahead and tell a story with nothing but the use of his camera. Being able to tell a story by means of the photos taken is actually so much harder than you would initially think and this is the type of thing that you will need to really go ahead and look into as much as possible. What you can do to more or less help yourself gauge this would be to make sure that you check out the photo blogs or feature blogs that they have up without reading through the content.

If you will more or less be able to follow the gist of the story by just looking at the pictures, then that wedding photographer most likely has a pretty spot on storytelling skill or agenda and you should probably do a double take and seriously think about hiring him for the gig one way or the other. Without some storytelling background, you might as well end up with a bunch of random looking photos that might look great but don’t really make that much sense together. You need something more substantial than that and this is why you need someone who is a modern day storyteller with the use of nothing more than just his camera.

Make sure that the wedding photographer you go for is someone who has strong lighting background.

You need someone who will really be able to deal with things the right way even if things might turn out to be a little bit more challenging than usual. Not all of the wedding setups will turn out to have favorable lighting and this is the type of thing that you really need to go ahead and prepare for one way or the other. There will be times wherein the wedding will be shot at night or during the midday wherein the light might be a little too harsh. You need someone who will be able to adapt with the way that things pan out at the end of the day and this is what you need to go ahead and arrange for as much as possible. You can see this based on how a photographer’s previous works look like. Review his portfolio and try to see how he deals and plays around with the lighting element one way or the other. This should be more than enough proof of how he manages even the most difficult of lighting situations at the end of the day.

Go for someone who has a knack for composition and styling.

Wedding photography has the tendency or has the risk to be a little cheesy if it is not something that is executed the right way. You need to make sure that this is the type of thing you are able to really identify or determine when you are in the process of booking a wedding photographer for what you are planning out at some point or so. Here are a few photography training examples to shed some light on how you will be able to understand that.

Wedding Photography

A contract is something that every wedding photographer needs.

milton keynes based wedding photographerYou need to know how to protect yourself and your business in all of the right ways. Technically speaking, all of the deals that you get to generate or strike up as a professional wedding photographer are business deals. You need to treat them as such. All of the business deals require contracts to make them legitimate and legal and this is exactly what you should be aiming for all of the time. Get in touch with a contract lawyer to help you out with this. Even if you know how to write things up the right way, the fact remains that you will always need the help of a contract lawyer at some point or so. Contract law is complicated and you will not really be able to wrap your head around it no matter how much you read up on it. A contract lawyer is a verified expert in this field and that is why you should recruit the assistance of once when you are drafting up your contract as a Milton Keynes based wedding photographer.

The basic work hours should be quoted into the wedding photographer contract at all times.

Identify what your start and end times are as well as the number of hours that you are staying in the event. Including crucial info like this in the wedding photography contract will ensure that you are not at risk of being abused by clients who would like to take advantage of your position and of your skills. If they would like you to go ahead and extend, then they need to make sure that they get to pay the corresponding charges for it. Technically speaking, people should already know this right off the bad. Sad to say, some will still make a run for cheating you out of your professional photographer fees whenever they can. This is why a contract is so important. It will protect you from deals going bad or just from the aspect of clients getting a bit moody and unreasonable at times.

Be very specific with the pricing.

Study your quote accordingly before you make your pitch. There is a pretty good chance that you will not be able to change anything, pitch-wise, the moment that the clients hear the magic numbers. Study the quote. List down all of the things that are required for you to list down and check out. Do not be lazy when it comes to things like these because they will all matter in the long run and you cannot really afford to be complacent with things like these at the end of the day.

Indicate the terms of payment as much as possible.

Most of the wedding photographers out there will require a deposit of some kind. This is something that you should be looking into as well as much as possible. Put in the details about a late fee to discourage clients from being delinquent with their payments to you.


Talk to the couple about the things that they can expect out of hiring you as their wedding photographer.

wedding photographerExpectation management is the first step towards establishing a great and fulfilling relationship with your wedding photography clients. This is something that you should always try to aim for as a wedding photographer Surrey. Before you go ahead and accept an agreement and end up being someone’s official wedding photographer, make sure that you get to actually listen to what they have to say for as far as expectations and requirements go at first. They might be looking out for a different photography style than what you are currently capable of. They might require far more advanced equipment than you currently have in your arsenal and you might need to rent some stuff out if you push through with it.

They might expect you to come in with a team of 5 people or so because it is a particularly huge wedding and you only have access to a second shooter as of the moment. There are a lot of scenarios and possibilities wherein you might end up disappointing your clients and this can really sour up your working relationship with them. Make sure that you manage their expectations first and foremost because it will be easier to follow through with the rest if you are done doing so.

Make it a point to include the small and minute details when you are shooting as someone’s wedding photographer.

The detailed shots are usually the most creative and the most whimsical. Although this is not something that your clients will tell you right out, especially if you are dealing with absolute photography newbies, this is something that they will really be able to go ahead and appreciate once the final finished photos come in and that is what you should try to prepare for ahead of time. Come in early for the wedding, before the rest of the guests start coming in. This is something that will get to more or less afford you with a little more time and moving space to really compose your detailed shots the right way. The wedding venue also tends to look so much more different when it is empty compared to when it already has guests in it. You will appreciate the foresight of coming in early. Plan your schedule out so that you don’t have to rush through it the moment the wedding gets in full swing.

Use two cameras.

You need to make sure that you get to use two cameras once you come in as someone’s wedding photographer Surrey for that special affair. Bringing just one camera will not suffice. You need to factor in the possibility of equipment failure somewhere along the way. Borrow or rent your second camera if you have to, just don’t show up at the wedding empty handed. Always make sure that you have your basic contingencies set up and ready to go so that you always have something to cover you in case something comes during your surrey wedding photography shoot.



wedding photographerExperience can be hard to come by with especially if you are new to the industry as a wedding photographer. One way for you to gain experience in a somewhat guided and structured way would be for you to actively apply and work through internships being offered out to you as a professional wedding photographer. When you are working things out through an internship with a more experienced wedding photographer, you are technically being guided by that said wedding photographer as well. It is like getting some kind of mentorship program all at the same time as well on top of gaining experience as a wedding photographer. If you are currently taking up a photography course or if you are attending any classes and the like, make it a point to check out the admin board of the school that you are attending in to see if there are any internship programs being offered out to the students. Check them out online as well. Some of the wedding photographers prefer to put their offers out online so it would be nice if you will be able to keep a keen eye out for posts like these because this can be the best way for you to gain experience as a wedding photographer at the end of the day.


It will not hurt if you start off as someone’s hired hand or assistant. Even if it means that you will not be behind the camera or even if you don’t end up being the main man, you will still learn a thing or two from the wedding photographer that you are trying to provide assistance to at the end of the day. The great thing about apprenticeships is that although you will not exactly be earning big bucks or earning as much as you would like to as a wedding photographer, you will still be earning enough to get you by or to keep you afloat the entire time that you are still trying to go ahead and gain experience through it when it all comes down to it. The path towards commercial success will turn out to be an uphill climb and you will be having a hard time and end up struggling a lot before you even come near to attaining any modicum of success as a wedding photographer. You are going to need the money that you earn from apprenticeships to help pay the bills. After all, even if the bookings will not be coming in yet, you can bet your bottom dollar that the bills will keep coming month after month no matter what happens.

Pro bono work

The thing is, no one will really be all that willing to hire you just yet given the fact that you don’t really have anything in your portfolio. You are going to need to work your way through it. Pro bono work is the answer to this. Check out if you will be able to provide coverage to friends and other relatives and offer it out for free. Make it a point to not make any guarantees though and go through it as a backup Berkshire wedding photographer.

Wedding Photography

Familiarize the wedding venue.

wedding venueWhen you are planning out how you are going to provide coverage to your clients’ wedding as a wedding photographer, one important thing that you should never forget about is the aspect of familiarizing yourself with the wedding venue. This is something that will really get to make your job as a wedding photographer far easier than it normally is. The wedding venue is important because it will let you know what kind of equipment you will need to bring along with you during the wedding photo shoot. When you know the wedding venue like the back of your hand, you will not come across any issues navigating your way during the actual wedding day. You will know about all of the best spots for you to go ahead and position yourself in as well as all of the best areas for you to let your subjects pose in.

Talk to your clients ahead of time.

Ask them to describe how the wedding venue looks like. Try to ask about all of the other related details about the wedding venue. If it is in a location that is fairly near to where you are, ask your clients if it is alright for you to visit the place personally. It would be best for you to go it around a few days before the wedding. Also, try to visit at around the same time of the day that the wedding is set to happen. This will make it easier for you to imagine and anticipate what your lighting situation is going to be during the actual wedding day. You can add this in as a freebie shoot for the bride and groom. You can make it look like an engagement shoot. You will not only get to assess how the place will look like in the pictures that you get to take, you also get to put in some practice shots of the couple. They will get to know you a little better and this tends to help out a lot in making them feel a little more comfortable with having you around and with getting their photos taken by you. Take note of all of the good spots that you can take your photos in as well as all of the strategic areas that you can position yourself in as a wedding photographer.

During the day of the actual wedding, visit the venue around 1-2 hours before everybody else comes in.

This will allow you a little more time with the place with everything already set up and ready to go. Take photos of the venue before the guests have arrived. The place tends to look so much different when it is empty as opposed to when it has a lot of people coming and going all the time. This is not a kind of luxury that you will get to have and enjoy as a wedding photographer if you don’t come in early so make a habit out of visiting the wedding venue ahead of time. Take photos of all of the little details that make up the venue from the cupcake sculptures to the flower arrangements to the impeccable positioning of the cutlery on the table and so on and so forth. Let your imagination take over and try to play around with the artsy aspect of the place. It is something that not only the clients will get to enjoy but something that the organizers as well as the wedding venue owners and other wedding vendors involved in it will be happy about as well. It can help tremendously in your ability to network out to the rest of the wedding industry and it can influence your scope of connections as a professional wedding photographer essex in the long run.

Wedding Photography

Learn and understand lighting

wedding photography tipsLighting may be one of the most basic things that you need to master as a professional wedding photographer but the truth is that there is no easy way when it comes to achieving it. It will require a deeper and somewhat technical understanding of light and how it works and interacts with the rest of the other elements currently present during the shoot in order for you to have it go after whatever effects you are trying to go after as a wedding photographer. More often than not, especially for the really new wedding photographers out there, it requires a basic course or at least some kind of training to wrap your head around the concepts of what can work and what can’t work for lighting. However, if you are more of a hands on type of wedding photographer and you think that you have a lot of time to burn and you really aren’t in that much of a rush, you can always figure a few things out on your own somewhere along the way.

Play around backlight

One easy and fairly common trick of the trade that wedding photographer out there should know about is the beauty of backlight and how easy it is to play around with especially when you are taking portraits during a wedding photo shoot. When you light up a set from the back, you are immediately able to create a diffused kind of lighting source that almost always comes out as something flattering and something that works well with almost all of the skin tones out there. This means that your options are pretty varied and flexible. More than that, it’s not that hard to set up a backlight kind of setting so it is something that you will be able to arrange without that much effort and technicality.

Although as a wedding photographer per se, it would probably not be that easy to attain when you are in a live wedding, it can work out well when you are doing portraits or when you are setting up an engagement or a bridal shoot. Backlight is also the best kept secret of food photography. It sorts of brightens up the rest of the background while at the same time adding texture and focus to the subject who is smack right at the center of the shot. If you have the means to arrange for it, then you should definitely try to go ahead and work with backlighting.

Always aim to get a broad kind of light.

It’s as simple as it gets for every new wedding photographer. A narrow kind of light gives off harsh lighting whereas a broad kind of light is something that can give out instant diffusion and something that can automatically be flattering. It is also fairly easy to work with. If you have no means to get your hands on broad lighting, you can always manipulate the light source by aiming it at a matte surface and having it bounce off on your subjects. Another easy way around this would be to just whip out a flash diffuser. The best kind of broad lighting is natural light, usually during the mornings and the late afternoons. Keep this in mind when you have outdoor shoots to cover as a professional wedding photographer Edinburgh and it will work for you every single time.

Wedding Photography

Live and work in the moment

wedding photographyYou need to live and work in the moment if you would like to be a wedding photographer who is able to capture the emotions and the excitement that comes along as a back story to every picture during the wedding photo shoot. Although planned and well executed shots are great and all that, they can be a little generic at times. The beauty in every wedding is based on the uniqueness and on the individuality that the bride and groom as well as the rest of their wedding guests are able to bring into the mix and this is something that you will need to really understand and absorb in order for you to be efficient and effective as a wedding photographer. It doesn’t also always have to be so serious all of the time. You should learn how to let loose of the artistic reins of being a wedding photographer every now and then and try to work with the moments as they happen.

Encourage the people that you are taking photos of to be themselves and to have their fun during the wedding photo shoot.

Don’t try to pressure them or try to intimidate them too much because this is not something that translates well in the wedding photo images at the end of the day. Be the catalyst of good vibes instead. Talk to them, share some jokes, even. Make them feel comfortable and at ease with the fact that you are just another normal person who just happens to have a career as a wedding photographer and that it is just another day in the field for you. Remind them that you are a true professional wedding photographer north west and that you are good at what you do without even having to say a word about it. Learn how to really carry yourself well and the rest will work out for you and for what you are trying to pull through during your wedding photo shoot.

Be anticipative of the things that might happen during the wedding photo shoot.

As a wedding photographer, you should know ahead of time that there are a lot of things and events that can happen during a wedding photo shoot. This is something that you will really need to prepare for one way or the other. Make sure that you are able to bring along some stick tape. This will allow you to easily fix any clothing issues right then and there. It might not be the most durable or the most long lasting fix when you come to think about it but the beauty in a wedding photo shoot is that you don’t really need anything longer than a few minutes. Once you get the shots that you need, you are done and you can move on to the next series of shots that you will need to focus on as a wedding photographer. Sticky tape is underappreciated and underrated but it really is one of the most useful and one of the most practical office supplies you will be able to bring into the wedding photo shoot.

Wedding Photography

You have to remember that every wedding photography shoot that you cover deserves a blog post and not for the reasons that you think.

wedding photographyYou’re not doing it for your current clients. Although it may be true that you are posting stuff about weddings that you have previously covered, you are not technically doing the blog for the courtesy of those said clients. You are basically trying to attract potential clients who might want to book you in the future by showing them how capable you are when it comes to providing coverage as a wedding photographer Peterborough. A blog can be one of the most useful marketing platforms that you could ever get your hands on and for as long as you are able to put in the right amount of time and effort into the composition of the blog, you will be able to pull it off the right way.

Keep the title of the wedding photography blog simple and on point.

There is a common formula that every wedding photographer should go for when it comes to the composition of the title of the blog. Just put in the names of the couple, the venue, and then the actual location where the wedding is being held in. this will make it easy for people to put in searches about the blog post and perhaps even be redirected to your blog when they look up the names of the venues that you put in as well. The title needs to be kept clean and simple all the time so try not to crowd it with any extra adjectives or adverbs in the process. Stick to the formula as much as possible because you can always get creative with the content body but as much as possible; try to avoid doing that with the title of the blog.

Learn your way around writing because you need it to help boost your wedding photography blog.

Content is everything when it comes to the blogging part of things so you need to really take your time when you are trying to come up with some original content for the blog that you are trying to write up. Pace yourself and build it up from one sentence to the next. You don’t have to finish it all in one go. Look up the right kind of inspiration and try to gain momentum from there because you will eventually get the hang of things for as long as you keep working on your writing. Try to read up on books, magazines, or even other blogs because reading can help you more or less compose your thoughts better when it all comes down to it.

Layout well.

Remember that the image layout is one of the most important parts of the blog that you are trying to compose so make sure that you are able to do it right. Try to learn from how the professional magazines out there to their image layouts. Be picky when it comes to the photos that you include. You need to be able to tell a story in the photos that you arrange and you need to place them together in such a way wherein it will all get to make sense.