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family photographyThe planning of a family vacation as well as family photography session demands a lot of effort from the parties involved. It not only consumes time and resources, it demands for the planners to pay attention to the minutest detail thereby making the entire process a stressful one. Going by the fact that most families have a set image in mind of what they want their family photographs to be like it becomes difficult to deviate from that set image and settle for something else. This adds to the pressure already on the family members and family photographer to attain perfection. Not being able to get the right combination of key ingredients to make the family portraits vision a reality can cause frustration.

If your activities covering your family photographs happen to involve any place other than a studio, perhaps one of the biggest decisions you may find yourself facing is selecting the perfect outdoor venue. The key word there being ‘perfect’. It is obvious that when it comes to suitable choices for family photography sessions, this is a decision that is subjective as chances are individuals have varying tastes from the classic and elegant to the picturesque. It is also important that the right facilities are in place.

The following can serve as a guide to selecting the right outdoor venue for family photography:

Think about the location

This is the first thing every couple should consider before starting a search of the area for the right venue. Questions like do I want my family pictures to be done close to my place of residence? Or Do I want a country side affair? Whatever answers you come up with, this will serve as the first marker for your search.


This part of the search process cannot be considered as fantastical due to its practical nature but you should narrow down your search any identifying the venues that cover the essential criterion set by you. These filters can be: Does it have the features you want in your family? Is the venue close enough to where your family photographer’s studio is? Does the venue have the right balance of lighting? The vision for your family photographs may give way to other practicalities but the questions above are salient and set in stone.

Yay or Nay

If the venue fits the criteria of the above mentioned, then it is time to decide whether the main attributes are to your liking. For example, are the grounds suitable for the type of pictures you want your photographer Buckinghamshire Andrew Redpath to shoot for your family photographs? Is the decoration in line with what you expected? Do you like the location?


At this point, you may have arrived at a shortlist of outdoor venues or locations if not, you may have to nick out certain expectations so as to make way for the available venues. Even with that, the next crucial point is making sure the venue is available for the set date you have in mind so you have to book as early as possible. Some places might not also be available to the general public so take note of that.

General Photography

family photo shootOne of the most interesting and most meaningful shoots that you will ever get to hold as a professional photographer is a family photo shoot. It is something that requires no season or no particular occasion. When it all comes down to it, a family photo shoot is so much more flexible and adaptive compared to any other type of photo shoot out there that you will get to come across with as a pro photographer so if you happen to book one, then you are in for a real treat if you are into these kinds of things at the end of the day. A family photo shoot will give you a lot of chances to go ahead and be creative and innovative. There is no such thing as a blanket approach. You can aim to be different every single time and your clients will still love it because you are giving them something unique and something memorable that they can hang on to even as the years go by. If this is your first time to go ahead and do a family photo shoot and you don’t really know where to start, here are a few tips to live by.

Communication is key to holding everything together when you are trying to do a family photo shoot.

You need to make sure that you are able to really establish great and continuous communication with your clients all throughout the family photo shoot. Try to answer any questions that they might have to the best of your capabilities and make sure that you are able to do this promptly and with as little delay as possible. Clients are usually excited about doing their family photo shoot and making sure that it is done right so have patience in laying things down for them. You also need to make sure that you are able to send out constant reminders about the schedule of the family photo shoot so that they don’t forget. You need to keep in mind of the fact that reschedules can be costly, especially if you are booking clients back to back. Give them enough heads up ahead of time so that everything goes by as planned.

Work with a lot of creative ideas for the family photo shoot that you are trying to bring together as a photographer.

Try to really get to know your clients and work off of the info that you were able to glean from that. You need to make sure that you are able to aim for something that is memorable and something that will make the family photo shoot stand out from the rest. If you will be able to pull this off the right way, word of mouth travels fast and you will be getting referrals left and right before you know it. Give in your best efforts in all of the family photo shoots that you are able to cover and success will surely follow you from here on out.