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How To Save On Your Wedding Drinks

Boycott that overpriced bubbly.

wedding photography LeicesterWhen you come to think about it, it really isn’t the champagne that makes the evening memorable during the wedding reception but the toasts that accompany it. For as long as you have well chosen people giving the toasts, they are bound to be memorable and well worth considering. So yes, skip out on the champagne. You don’t need that bubbly just to make the toasts during the wedding reception special. It can be special nonetheless based on the content of what people say and based on the levels of affection that they have for you so far. If you don’t want to skip out of the bubbly altogether, you can always save it for until the later part of the night. That way, your guests don’t end up consuming as much as you would have probably expected to. Regardless of the wedding photography Leicester style that you are trying to shoot for, it will make for great photography material in the end of it all and that’s technically all that matters, when you come to think about it.

Save the expensive drinks for the bar.

You really don’t have to dole out the drinks by the glass. Take note of the fact that not all of the guests who will be attending the wedding actually drink in the first place. Some of them will have a sip out of their glasses and not finish the actual drink, just for the sake of sipping it. You can save the expensive stuff for the wedding guests to procure upon request in the bar. This way, the people who actually ask for it will want it and this ensures that there isn’t a whole lot of that good stuff being wasted by being left alone or half consumed on the tables, only to be forgotten completely later on. This isn’t being stingy or anything like that. It’s actually smart business and something that is well worth considering. Brides have been doing this for the longest time running and it would be wise for you to circle back and do the same.

Buy your own booze if you can.

If your wedding venue will allow you to pay some sort of corkage for the aspect of you being able to bring your own booze, then go ahead and maximize it as much as possible. You wouldn’t be paying by the bottle and you will be allowed to bring in crate after crate of drinks without draining your pockets while you are at it.

Skip out on the cake.

Go for your own choice of dessert instead. You don’t have to go for a tiered expensive wedding cake all the time if you honestly feel as if you prefer something more such as macaroons or cupcakes or cookies and so on and so forth. Consider the type of wedding photography Leicester offers you are getting so that you can get the dessert table professionally covered based on your particular liking.