General Photography

professional photography websitesThe world is growing and things are getting fast and accessible with Internet being the major player. No one gets anywhere without Wi-Fi or mobile data, not even you probably. Internet was a luxury, but today, it is a mandatory. No business gets anywhere without having one or two social media account or profile.

For photographers, WordPress is among those free platforms that give you the power to create your own site, your own content and let everybody to see it without charging you. For beginners, after spending some time getting around WordPress, you may think that you’ll do with what you have right now, but there will come a time when you need to know more about professional photography websites.


The site runs all the time, there’s no closing time and it means that you have to be ready all the time while keeping an eye on your contents, comments and so on. Do you know what it takes to manage a site before spammy or malicious comments attack?

Web Hosting

To help with this, web hosting service providers emerge, ready to give their service according to the package and size of your sites. They help protecting the site and backing up the site, not to mention that they are always there when you need them and the best at their job.


Professional photography websites should never be SEO oriented. The best content that any customers, users and search engines want and love are quality contents that really answer and provide the required solution. So, if you are a photographer, then make sure that you are providing pictures that people expect to see and wish to find when they visit your site or page.


Despite the fact that pictures should be your main player here, words are what people use to search. That makes the words you use in your site important and should relate to the keywords that you want and know people use when looking for you.


When I say pictures, the first obvious thing it means is picture related to the keyword you use or the content you aim. Aside from that, there’s also the fact that you need to use proper naming, caption, tags and file size for your pictures. Google appreciates pictures that contain name related to the content as opposed to DSC1234.jpg or IMG1234.jpg.

Specialized Web Hosting

There are many types of web hosting, some do all kinds, others are more specialized on certian kind. If you want a professional photography website, you might want to look web hosting that serves photographers or even ask for references from friends. Reading the profiles of the founders, especially those that have photography background, can show how much they understand you as a photographer that is struggling with managing your site.


Aside from the features WordPress provide, there are many, hundreds and even thousands of plugins that people provide to help fellow WordPress users. They come with handy tools, such as comment regulator, and will not slow your page down as opposed to the common notion.

Choose your plugins

Don’t blindly download plugins just because it seems to have a nice tool and feature. Many plugins are not properly coded and packaged, which are the main cause of your site slowing down and even screwing up. Plugins that are always updated and fix their bugs (which can be seen from reviews and ratings of users or descriptions of the new update) are healthy signs.