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Polhawn Fort, Cornwall

wedding venuesIf you are yearning for that perfect seaside wedding, then Polhawn Fort in Cornwall is the perfect wedding venue for you. You should really consider this as a wedding venue to look out for as much as possible. Getting married in Cornwall will technically mean that you get to have the impressive and gorgeous beaches at your disposal. If you don’t make the most use of this, then you are seriously missing out on a quintessentially classic and impressive Cornwall wedding. You should not allow yourself to miss out on something like this at the end of the day. Cornwall is filled of various gems and of various surprising interesting venues and Polhawn Fort is one of them. The best part in all of this is the fact that you are getting married while at the same time overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. There is something very pivotal and very interesting about that. You can get married here on a budget and you don’t have to blow off too much money while you are at it.

The Chapel of King’s College, Cambridge

Getting married in Cambridge and in the Chapel of King’s College, no less, is one that is for the books. This is one of the most interesting and the most in demand wedding venues in UK so if you are seriously thinking about getting married here, then you have to be dead set in really getting this as your main wedding venue. It will not be easy and there will turn out to be an awful lot of bureaucratic red tape for you to get into and for you to take a look at before you can have this as your main wedding venue. This is something that should come with a disclaimer because you will need to book so many months in advance before you get to have any hopes of getting this for your wedding. You might even need to go through with a waiting list especially during the peak wedding season so take that into account as well. There is a caveat when it comes to booking a wedding as impressive as this though. You and your partner will need to have attended King’s and you also need to go ahead and secure the permission of the Archbishop of Canterbury. If you get through all of this though, you are guaranteed a really splendid wedding venue.

House For An Art Lover, Glasgow

The name of the wedding venue alone is bound to give you some serious booklover/art lover feels. Getting married in Glasgow in this particular wedding venue is bound to really tickle your yearning for the contemporary art. The building has been built and designed by Rennie Mackintosh. If this is something that you would like to house the venue for your wedding, you are in for a really pleasant surprise because it has so many visually appeasing features to tickle your senses. You don’t have to go crazy with the venue if you want something artsy. This venue is something that is elegant and something that isn’t way over the edge.

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General Photography

portrait photographyYou need to know what you are looking for when you are getting into the aspect of hiring someone to take care of all of your portrait photography needs. This will not turn out to be an easy task for you to accomplish especially if you don’t really know much about this particular niche but there are a lot of things that you can definitely review and take a look at in order for you to have all of the best options available in the market. Whatever you reason might be for organizing a portrait photography shoot to begin with, you need to make sure that you get to loop the photographer in on that all of the time. This way, he will be able to better deliver what you want since he knows all of the things that you are trying to achieve in the first place.

You can always start your search online.

Portrait photography in Kent is very competitive but this photography site looks good. And moving forward, you should continue to look up various sites that look good as well. The more options you have, the better things will turn out to be for you and for the shoot that you are trying to achieve. The best portrait photographers out there will not be cheap so manage your expectations accordingly. However, you are almost always guaranteed of great results if you go for the household names in the market. Review their portfolio accordingly. This will show you all of the right things to check out at the end of the day. When you get to see various examples of great works in portrait photography of photographers in Kent, you get to have points of comparisons before you make your decisions to go ahead and hire someone. This will turn out to be something very important at the end of the day. Learn to appreciate the differences in styles and approaches and perspectives. At the end of the day though, make sure that you settle in on what you like the most and base your decisions for hiring off of that.

Be a great negotiator.

Logically, people will always try to make a profit in this. This is the main reason why they do this for a living in the first place. However, as someone who is a potential to earn interesting revenue and income from, you are actually at a great position to negotiate. When you are trying to haggle for the prices, make sure that you get to do it professionally. Don’t go overly low with the price in such a way that there will not be a margin of profit anymore. Allow the portrait photographer to do business one way or the other and don’t be too cheap with the price. This way, you get the best deal possible without ending up disrespecting anyone while you are at it. A constant back and forth of ideas and of pricing proposals will be healthy for business and for the deal that you are trying close at the end of the day.

Wedding Photography

London Wedding Photography ExamplesIt’s always best to get your hands on London wedding photography examples that will show you the way towards becoming a wedding photographer all on your own. It won’t be easy but it will turn out to be something workable for as long as you put your mind and hard work into it at the end of the day. The main challenge in London wedding photography is based off of the fact that most of these things will actually take up a lot of time somewhere along the way. It’s not the kind of thing that you will get to accomplish right off the bat. You can’t just work on it overnight and expect to gain results the very next day. There are a lot of things that you will need to look into in order for you to go ahead and gain some serious progress out of being a professional wedding photographer but it is very possible and feasible, given the right techniques and given the fact that you will be able to manage your expectations accordingly.

You will not be a master of your craft just yet.

You can put a couple years or so into it and you will realize that there is still so much more for you to think about and figure out at the end of the day and this is what you need to prepare for as much as you possibly can. Most of the experienced wedding photographers who are currently enjoying success in their careers did not have easy climbs to the top and you won’t have an easy one either. There is so much that you will need to work out. Experience and time will turn out to be the best teachers but they will not hand out the wisdoms that you need all that willingly. They will make you work for it at the end of the day and it will require every bit of your time and dedication. It will all be worth it in the end though and that’s what you can always bank your expectations on after all has been said and done.

Establish your contacts early on.

It will mean that you will need to get over your initial embarrassment over meeting up with strangers and striking up a conversation with them. The thing here is that they will remain to be strangers until you actually get out of there and do something about it. Once you are able to bridge that initial gap, the rest should come along pretty easily and pretty smoothly. Hand out your business cards every chance you get. Connect with wedding vendors virtually so that it won’t be too awkward when you finally meet up with them in person. Continuously spread the culture of showing support to your peers so that they can circle back and show support to you as well. Start the culture of good business karma and things will soon start to work in your favor.

General Photography, Wedding Photography


wedding photographer in and around cambridgeEvery wedding photographer in and around Cambridge worth his salt knows that the shoes account for a lot in every wedding photo shoot. You must be very picky with the shoes that you end up wearing at a wedding photo coverage event. Weddings take hours and hours at times and there are even some weddings that last all day. You need to really be selective with your choice of shoes when it all comes down to it. The level of comfort that you are getting into when you have those shoes worn during the wedding is of utmost importance all of the time. Make it a point to always get the right pair of shoes when you are out and about shooting weddings. Go for something that matches with your outfit and complements well with it while at the same time putting you in your best comfort level and in your best condition as well. The wedding photography profession is physically challenging and taxing. You need to really know what you are getting into before you decide on a pair of shoes based merely off of face value.

Snap shooters

The snap shooters can turn out to be a potential problem for you if you are a wedding photographer in and around Cambridge. You ought to handle them the right way as much as possible. You can’t allow yourself to lose your temper or your patience when you are looking into the aspect of dealing with the snap shooters during the wedding event coverage. You need to keep in mind of the fact that when it all comes down to it, you are a verified expert in what you do. You are the official wedding photographer who is taking care of things and who is getting things done at the end of the day. Deal with people professionally. Use professional language all of the time. Explain how things are and how they should be. At the same time, make sure that you keep their particular rights in mind as well. They have every right to document the wedding in their own way; you just need to work on getting people to work it out the way you would like to set things up. You don’t always have to enforce what you want and what you need. At times, the approach of being more open and being more understanding to people will actually work out so much better than any strong sounding approach or tone.

Client discussion

Get the client discussion in order and plan things out strategically to the best of your abilities. Set your foot in the door right away by getting a head start on the client discussion. Make sure that you are able to really manage their expectations right from the get go. Don’t allow people to talk over you. Control the flow of the conversation as much as possible but at the same time, make sure that you get to cater to their concerns as well. Get an agenda drafted up and make sure that you go through it line by line so that you don’t miss anything out.

Wedding Photography

Break down your services

cambridge wedding photographersCambridge wedding photographers out there will always try to break down the details of their services to the clients ahead of time. Don’t be vague when it comes to the coverage of your services. This is one of the things that you seriously really need to take time explaining to your clients at the end of the day. If they have any questions or concerns or anything that they would like to raise during the discussion, then pamper them enough by actually addressing their issues one by one. Make sure that by the end of the discussion, there are no parked questions and no unsure things hanging from the balance when it all comes down to it. Make sure that at the end of the day, they understand exactly what they are getting out of hiring you as their official wedding photographer. At the same time, they should know full and well what they should be paying out to you in return as well. There should be no grey areas in between. Everything should be marked out in black and white. Don’t try to sugarcoat anything either since this might put you at risk of dissatisfying your clients by the end of the photo shoot coverage.

Check wedding venue.

Cambridge wedding photographers will also always check out the venue in advance if it is physically possible to do so. The wedding venue is something that you should really get to know like the back of your hand as much as possible. If you can get out there and conduct ocular visits of the venue, then good and well. There will be certain instances wherein some venues might turn out to be a little more exclusive than some and this is something that you need to really ask the clients help for. What you can do is to package it as an engagement shoot. You get to practice your shots with the couple in them while at the same time, you get to make the couple a little more comfortable with having you around as their official wedding photographer. You also get to map out the logistics of the place because you get to physically be there when it all comes down to it. Visit the venue at roughly around the same time of the day that the wedding is happening in to ensure that you get to really check out what the lighting situation will be during the wedding day.

Delays will always turn out to be a part of the equation so make sure that you are prepared for it.

Don’t schedule things back to back as this can turn out to be very stressful for you to follow through on, especially when things start getting delayed. Cut your scheduled times in half and leave 30-minute breathers in between just so that you have more than enough space in between to transition from one sequence item to the other. Make sure that you plan out for delays so that you don’t end up getting lost in your element by the time you get to the actual shooting part of the wedding.