wedding photographerMost of the commercial photographers out there had to go through fire and a whole bunch of challenges before they managed to get commercial success. Commercial success can look like an entire mountain to conquer and it is, but that’s not how you should be seeing things. Take it a day at a time, focus on your goals and on the rest of the other things that you need to do a step at a time. This way, you don’t end up getting overwhelmed with all of the things that you need to work out in order for you to be in more or less the same playing field as with the rest of all of the other commercial photographers out there who are currently enjoying the perks of being at the pinnacle of their careers. If you don’t gain commercial success right away, this is because it is most likely impossible to do so, given the amount of competition and difficulty it will usually require for commercial photographers to succeed. However, you can always gain consolation in the knowledge that things like these are gradual and that they will get to work out one way or the other for as long as you are patient enough and diligent enough to go through with things at the end of the day.

Always manage the expectations of your clients.

Always learn about what they are requiring from the commercial photographers they are considering. Your clients are paying customers. This means that they are shelling out a good amount of money for your services as a commercial photographer. You cannot afford to do anything halfway through or half heartedly. You need to make sure that you are able to really go through with things in the best possible way and that your clients are fully satisfied with everything that you manage to produce and provide for them by the end of your coverage. This means that whatever they may currently be expecting from you should always be satisfied and you should even try to go perhaps so over that. Talk to them and find out about their expectations at the onset of the agreement. If you think that their expectations might be a little too much to follow through on, explain what the realities are and try to gauge their responses from there. If they are absolutely adamant about getting what they want but are unwilling to compromise with say, the pricing, for example, then perhaps you should use this as your cue to let go of the agreement.

Get your pricing plan set in motion and explain it well to your clients.

Your pricing should both be attractive to potential clients and strategic as well. This means that it should be low enough to bring them in and have them book you but still high enough for you to have a fairly comfortable margin of profit from it somewhere along the way. Study and list down the overhead costs and the kind of equipment that you will be using for the coverage. Also project the number of hours as well as the different deliverables that you will need to push through with and try to calculate those. The moment that you deduct all of the overhead costs and equipment charges, aim for a per hour calculation of your services.

Constantly do sign offs while you are at it.

It can be tricky having to deal with demanding clients and commercial photographers stress over this all of the time. They might ask you do redo your shoots because they didn’t get what they were aiming for. To avoid this, bring them along during shoots and constantly try to do sign offs while you are at it. This way, they are looped in all of the time and you get their sign of approval before you move on to the next phase.

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Keep content relevant

wedding photography tipsWhen you are trying to come up with content for your social media profiles, take note of the fact that it is very important that you keep content that is relevant as much as possible. This can be a real struggle to have to go through with for wedding photographers who are still fairly new to the industry. However, for as long as you are diligent with the intention to continually pump in high quality and relevant info in your content or posts all of the time, you will eventually get the hang of things as you go along and it will become easier and easier for you over time. What you can do to make sure that your content in your social media profiles is something that followers will really get to look forward to at the end of the day is to include photos or videos related to the gist of the post that you would like to share.

Try the visual approach

When a post has a picture or has a video, you get to boost the likelihood of people clicking on it out of interest or curiosity. It is a commonly known tendency for people to really lean more towards things that are visual instead of checking posts out that are purely in text. If you would like your content to really gain more traction one way or the other, than a visual approach is the best and is the most effective way to go with it. It has been tested and proven time and again by the other wedding photographers who have come before you. It is precious knowledge that you should keep close and try to do every time you have a post that you would like to go ahead and put up in your social media platforms that are tied up with what you are trying to do as a professional wedding photographer.

Start blogging

If you haven’t started out with it yet, follow the path of the other wedding photographers out there who have started blogging. Blogging is one of the best ways for you to really share your opinion, weddings that you have covered, some tips for other wedding photographers, and so on. When you have a lot of content being shared in your blog sites as a wedding photographer, you get to boost your search engine rankings. What this means is that people will be able to find you easily one way or the other. This is also a pretty interesting way for you to go ahead and set up the foundations of your brand awareness in the industry of alternative wedding photography. The more content that you are able to pump into your alternative wedding photography blog, the more engaging it will turn out to be.

Share your blog links

Make a habit out of sharing your blog links on social media so that your followers will become a bit more aware of the fact that you have new content up. This will bring in more traffic to your site when it all comes down to it. Try to put in great looking photos or output all of the time because people will be looking at your photos and gauging the quality of your work based off of those.

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wedding photography tipsThe influence and importance of social media to the career of a new and struggling wedding photographer cannot be denied. It can definitely help out a lot. However, there are ways for you to optimize the use of social media so that you don’t ultimately end up wasting a whole bunch of time and efforts on doing something that doesn’t even work. You will not have that kind of time to waste or play around with. You need to go with something that is fairly effective and with something that technically works every single time. So many other companies out there understand how effective social media can be and that is technically the main reason why so much effort is being dedicated to it. You need to strategize your social media approach the right way through or you will end up with a total time put that will end up hogging a lot of hours with no apparent results that can be seen out of it.


When you come to think about a social media platform, Facebook is one of the first few items that technically come to mind. If there is one thing that you need to take note of and understand about Facebook, it would have to be the fact that it is great for a wedding photographer to work on the engagement of his customers. You can answer inquiries, set up an appointment, reach out with your contact info, and so on and so forth. Make it a point to make a separate page other than your own personal page. You need something that is not as restrictive as your personal Facebook page. You need something that is a little more open and a little more public.

A page will be able to give that out to you, and so much more. There is no such thing such as a blanket approach for any wedding photographer to manage his Facebook platform but there are certain things that you can include in your posts that will more or less make it the most appropriate. Use this platform to announce your events or new services, post teasers about your most recent photo shoot as a wedding photographer, put in new links from your blog as a wedding photographer, provide helpful articles about what to do as a wedding photographer, share posts that inspire and motivate you, give out contents in wedding photography, and so on and so forth.


If Twitter makes you feel a little confused and intimidated, you’re really not all alone. When it all comes down to it, no one really knows what Twitter is for and it can be tricky to use. That doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to do it as a professional wedding photographer. It’s technically just like Facebook, except you’re limited to 140 characters. You can use it to promote any new blog links that you might have, share some info about yourself as a professional wedding photographer cardiff, and technically promote content.

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Familiarize the wedding venue.

wedding venueWhen you are planning out how you are going to provide coverage to your clients’ wedding as a wedding photographer, one important thing that you should never forget about is the aspect of familiarizing yourself with the wedding venue. This is something that will really get to make your job as a wedding photographer far easier than it normally is. The wedding venue is important because it will let you know what kind of equipment you will need to bring along with you during the wedding photo shoot. When you know the wedding venue like the back of your hand, you will not come across any issues navigating your way during the actual wedding day. You will know about all of the best spots for you to go ahead and position yourself in as well as all of the best areas for you to let your subjects pose in.

Talk to your clients ahead of time.

Ask them to describe how the wedding venue looks like. Try to ask about all of the other related details about the wedding venue. If it is in a location that is fairly near to where you are, ask your clients if it is alright for you to visit the place personally. It would be best for you to go it around a few days before the wedding. Also, try to visit at around the same time of the day that the wedding is set to happen. This will make it easier for you to imagine and anticipate what your lighting situation is going to be during the actual wedding day. You can add this in as a freebie shoot for the bride and groom. You can make it look like an engagement shoot. You will not only get to assess how the place will look like in the pictures that you get to take, you also get to put in some practice shots of the couple. They will get to know you a little better and this tends to help out a lot in making them feel a little more comfortable with having you around and with getting their photos taken by you. Take note of all of the good spots that you can take your photos in as well as all of the strategic areas that you can position yourself in as a wedding photographer.

During the day of the actual wedding, visit the venue around 1-2 hours before everybody else comes in.

This will allow you a little more time with the place with everything already set up and ready to go. Take photos of the venue before the guests have arrived. The place tends to look so much different when it is empty as opposed to when it has a lot of people coming and going all the time. This is not a kind of luxury that you will get to have and enjoy as a wedding photographer if you don’t come in early so make a habit out of visiting the wedding venue ahead of time. Take photos of all of the little details that make up the venue from the cupcake sculptures to the flower arrangements to the impeccable positioning of the cutlery on the table and so on and so forth. Let your imagination take over and try to play around with the artsy aspect of the place. It is something that not only the clients will get to enjoy but something that the organizers as well as the wedding venue owners and other wedding vendors involved in it will be happy about as well. It can help tremendously in your ability to network out to the rest of the wedding industry and it can influence your scope of connections as a professional wedding photographer essex in the long run.