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Secure the audio

wedding video YorkIf there is one thing that usually tends to get neglected a lot when it comes to the shooting of a wedding video York, it would have to be the aspect of securing the audio all of the time. You have to keep in mind of the fact that when it all comes down to it, you can’t just press rewind during a wedding. If a moment has passed and you were unable to capture it in your wedding video York, then that is pretty much it. The moment has gone and is basically lost forever. If you missed any important moments during the wedding, then you probably did not get to do your job right as the official wedding videographer.

It really is best if you are able to secure the audio aspect of your wedding video. You should always make sure that you are always able to get some kind of backup. It is always wide to get several audio sources for the recording for the wedding video that you are trying to shoot. Invest in a couple of external recorders or so and try to see if you can position them in different places while you are shooting the video just so that you have some kind of variety. If the couple hired a DJ, then you should try to go ahead and tap into the sound board as well and use that as one of your backups for your wedding video audio.

You need to really go out of your way to keep the camera as stable as possible.

You probably think that you can pretty just wing it and just go ahead with holding the camera by hand while you are shooting the wedding video but you really can’t. You owe it to your clients to make sure that you are able to stabilize the camera to the best of your abilities. There are a lot of different accessories that you can use that will help you provide the right amount of stabilization for the wedding videos Yorkshire that you are trying to shoot. There are shoulder rigs, sliders, monopods and tripods. The most basic and the easiest thing for you to start with would have to be the tripod. It’s easy to use and you can easily set it up and dismantle it in only a matter of minutes.

Low light situations

You also need to make sure that you are always able to prepare for low light situations when you are shooting the wedding video York. There are a lot of settings wherein lighting can be a bit of a nightmare such as sunset shoots or nighttime shoots and as hard as this may turn out to be for you, you will need to still tackle it like a pro. You might need to set up your own light stands in order for you to get the right amount of illumination for the wedding video but try to use it sparingly because the guests will not appreciate the glaring light all of the time.

Wedding Photography

wedding photographyIf you are a wedding photographer who is new to the blogging scene, then what you need to know is that you need to include a vendor list at the bottom of the blog that you are trying to write up one way or the other. This particular list of vendors should have the live link right next to the official business names so that the people reading up on the blog have the option to click through on the links and they will eventually be led to those referral links at the end of the day. You should go through the motions of really noting down the name and the contact info of each and every single wedding service provider in the wedding that you are trying to cover.

If you think you might end up spreading yourself too thin with your must-have shot list and with the rest of the other sequences that you need to keep up with in the process, then you can always delegate the task to gather the info of everyone in the wedding service aspect of the wedding. Get your assistant or at least your second shooter to get that task covered for you. Go through the motions of really reaching out to the service providers once you are done writing up the blog so that you will be able to use it as some kind of platform for you to network with the rest of all of the other people out there. This can really bid well for the wedding photography business that you are trying to improve and grow. The great part in all of this is the fact that a lot of people will be more than happy to really return the favor for you and refer you as well in their blogs.

Announce your new blog post in your social media accounts.

This is something that you should make as a regular part of your practice as a wedding photographer hampshire. This is something that will really be able to give you and your blog post the kind of traction that you need in order to really get the message out there. More people will be able to see your work and they will get to know about you and about what you are trying to do when it all comes down to it. Social media is one of the most powerful and at the same time underrated platforms for marketing that you should not miss out on one way or the other. Don’t neglect your social media accounts because you will be wasting a perfectly good opportunity for you to be able to really grow your business when it all comes down to it.

Tag your images as much as possible.

This is something that will take a little bit more work when you come to think about it but if you would like to sure that your posts are optimized as much as possible, then you should definitely throw in that extra task. Google will be able to index your images better and it is something that can work well for search engine optimization.

Wedding Photography

wedding photographyBefore you head out and decide to throw around a lot of money on professional wedding photography gear because you would like to start a wedding photography business, you need to make sure that you stop for a bit and think things through at first. This is a kind of career move that really requires a lot of deliberation. You need to make sure that you are able to weigh the pros against the cons. More than that, you need to make sure that this is something that you can really be quite passionate about. Envision yourself five, ten, or fifteen years down the road and think deeply if this is something that you will still be passionate and excited about despite the years that have passed by. You can have all of the photography gear and have all of the skill and talent in the world but if this isn’t something that you are honestly passionate about, then there is really no point in starting out with it in the first place. Try to constantly inspire yourself and your creativity. Give yourself something to be excited about every single day. Find the beauty in the little things. As cheesy or as cliché as this may sound, you should seriously take the time to stop and smell the roses (and take pictures so you can get practice while you’re at it).

You have to understand the fact that trying to establish yourself and your reputation in wedding photography really is not an easy task to do.

You will not become an overnight success. As a matter of fact, it will even be quite fair to say that your first few years in wedding photography will likely end up in failures. This doesn’t mean that you should quite altogether though. It really isn’t over until you say it is over. Failure at the start of your career really is quite normal and most of the time, even expected. This is no reason for you to beat yourself up over. You have to understand it from the view point of potential clients. They won’t exactly be overly thrilled with the idea of hiring out a photographer who is quite new to wedding photography and has about next to nothing in his resume. You will get to build up on this over time though so just have faith and remind yourself that things will eventually get better.

Develop the traits or the techniques that make you a unique entity in wedding photography.

This is something that a lot of people new to wedding photography tend to get wrong almost all of the time. Whenever there is a breakout wedding photographer who is currently making waves in the industry, they thin that the smart move to go about with this is for them to follow that next big hit. They try to mimic the newest successful Edinburgh wedding photographer who is able to make a mark in the wedding photography industry. This should not be the case. You should instead focus on finding what makes you unique and what makes you stand out from the rest of the competition. This can technically be your most marketable trait for as long as you are able to really develop it and to package it the right way. Pave your own road and don’t strive to be just like everyone else.

Wedding Photography

tripodDon’t mess with the bottom ends of the tripod first.

You’re going to need a tripod in your wedding photography shoots so you have to know how to extend it the right way. It is common knowledge that if you would like to add in some height for the tripod, then you should extend the legs. However, a lot of people, even the veritable experts out there in wedding photography, end up extending the legs wrong. The bottom parts of the legs should be extended last. The bottom parts are actually tapered and they slide right into the top parts of the legs making then thinner and thus, less stable than the rest of the tripod legs. Thus, they should be touched last as much as possible.

Get a tripod that is built for mobility.

Once you actually have the tripod, there will be times wherein you will just not feel like bringing the tripod with you during the wedding photography shoot because it takes up too much space or it’s kind of hard to have to carry it around with you and move around with you while you are moving from one area to another. This doesn’t mean that you should forego the tripod use completely though because when it all comes down to it, no matter what the circumstances or what the lighting will turn out to be, you and your photos will still benefit from having a tripod in tow. Opt to buy a tripod that has added options for better mobility if you think that this is a problem that you might come across with in the future. This is something that will cost you a little more money but the overall added value and ease has no price tag on it so you should definitely consider it anyways.

Keep the surface flat and steady as much as possible during the wedding photography shoot.

This is particularly challenging to deal with when your wedding photography shoot is in an outdoor setting. You will need to constantly check if you are setting your tripod up on a surface that will be able to support the weight and keep it steady at all times so that you do not end up putting your photography gear at risk. If you need to shoot somewhere grassy or rocky or sandy, take the extra precautions to really check the surface area first before you go ahead and proceed.

Mount and dismount the tripod whenever you need to move it to a different spot.

When it all comes down to it, this really is sort of self explanatory but it won’t hurt to mention it anyway. Not removing your camera from your tripod when you swing it on your shoulder to move to a different area runs the risk of having you smash your camera right into a wall or something and that is something that you should avoid at all times. It is something that won’t even take up more than a few seconds or so and you certainly can afford the slight delay.

Wedding Photography

Camera and accessories

wedding photographyAs a wedding photographer, you need to invest in not just high quality cameras and other photography accessories but in a comfortable pair of shoes as well. As a wedding photographer, you are able to charge high for the services that you render because when it all comes down to it, this is a kind of job that really requires a lot of work and time and skill. You will only be able to bring in your best to the game if you are comfortable in everything that you wear. One of the most important articles of clothing that you will need to really invest in is the pair of shoes that you choose to wear in the event that you are providing coverage for. Although great looking shoes may seem like a bit of a temptation for you, you have to foresee how things will feel like a few hours down the road. Weddings can take hours and running around in heels may not be the best kind of option or the smartest kind of option for you for that matter.

Learn how to manage people the right way during the wedding.

This is something that every new wedding photographer will really get to face one way or the other so you need to learn how to get this done right. There will always be people attending the wedding who will try to go ahead and take their own photos of the wedding and this is something that might interfere with what you are trying to do as a wedding photographer. You can probably blame it on the popularity of camera phones or just a totally common disregard for the authority of wedding photographers in general but you need to be able to really set your foot down and reaffirm your authority and what you are trying to do in the wedding coverage. Talk to people nicely and be polite with them. Give them a few minutes in between your takes so that they can take their own snaps without ever needing to interfere with what you are trying to do.

Talk to the bride and everything that she is asking for you as the official wedding photographer she is thinking about to cover the wedding event.

the bride is the best kind of resource person that you could ever consult with and you should do so every chance you get just to make sure that everything goes by as planned and more than that, just as the clients have envisioned it. You need to make it clear to them that you really can deliver what they are asking from you, what the turnaround time table is, if there are any prints included, what kind of theme you are going for, and so on and so forth.

Make sure that you are able to shoot all of the important moments during the wedding.

As a wedding photographer, this is not the kind of argument that you would want to get into with the bride and this is something that you should avoid at all times.

Wedding Photography

Figure out what wedding photography course works for you.

wedding photographyIf you want to make it in the business field as a wedding photographer, then you should get as much edge as you can over the competition. One way for you to be able to get this so-called edge would be for you to enroll in a photography course that fits well with what you need and with the photography style that you would like to develop. Think about the direction that you would like to take. What kind of wedding photographer would you like to be? What kind of style would you like to develop in the process? This kind of knowledge will be able to help you figure things out and help you narrow down the search for your photography course. Take a look at the background of the instructor so you can check out whether or not he has the background and the experience to back things up for the course that you are taking up. Then there’s the issue of the cost. Photography courses really can be quite expensive so you need to make sure that if you do decide to enroll yourself in one, that it is the perfect fit for you because you can’t afford to waste money on wrong decisions when it all comes down to it.

Get an expert in wedding photography to mentor you.

A career in wedding photography is a difficult one to go after and you will really need all the help that you can get while you are just starting out. You can’t afford any major mistakes or setbacks and the best way for you to of that would be if you have someone more experienced and with more background to help you out and to help guide your way during this particularly challenging time. It would be great if you can find a friend to mentor you one way or the other but if you can’t find a fellow wedding photographer friend, then you should at least offer to be an assistant for someone or meet with someone on a purely professional plane for at least a month or so just so that you can whip yourself into shape at the end of the day. Follow the blogs of the wedding photographers who really inspire you and whose works you appreciate and admire and try to learn a thing or two from them. Most of these wedding photographers offer free advice on their blogs and that is something that you should not pass up if you want to make it in the wedding photography niche.

Don’t be choosy with the kind of experience that you get at first, even when it’s not with wedding photography just yet.

The truth of the matter is that you will not be getting a lot of bookings on your own in your first few years as a wedding photographer. Clients just aren’t so eager to hire someone who doesn’t have that much experience on their resume. Take whatever you can get and learn as much as you can throughout the process. This is always the best way for you to start.

Wedding Photography

Use your social media accounts to boost your business in wedding photography.

wedding photographySocial media has been a phenomenon ever since it started and with a pretty good reason, at that. You can reach out to people from different parts of the world at no added cost. After a few seconds of posting it, people will be able to see your posts right away. You will be able to grow your business and get potential clients and you might not even know about it until they actually book you. Promote your wedding photography business as much as you can via social media because you will not really know when your next big break will be until it lands right on your lap. Schedule your posts in such a way wherein people following your updates will have an idea when to expect new content from you. Sift through your contents and make sure that you post nothing but the highest quality of posts out there. This is not something that will be able to give you instant results but just keep working on it because you will eventually gain momentum and get more and more followers.

Work on being able to really deliver your wedding photography turnaround time.

Wedding photography clients are usually pretty particular with the turnaround time of the final finished products so make sure that once you are done shooting the event, you work long and hard on the editing process and get the job done in the soonest possible time. More often than not, there are some clients who expect instant results, like at around the same day (or roughly around a few hours) after the actual wedding. The good news about this is that there are a lot of editing software programs out there that will let you cut the editing time considerably. Focus on your delivery time as much as possible because clients are banking on these pictures. They are psyched that they just got married, they want to see how things turned out, and that is something that you should not deny them of if you can help it.

Make the bride the star of the wedding photography show.

The focus of your wedding photography project should never deviate from the bride. You have to understand that this event is mainly about her and the groom but experts will usually claim that it really is mostly about the bride so make it like so. Keep the bride interested in the wedding photography concept and make her look beautiful in the photos that you are able to take. Pose her in her best angles and make sure that the lighting and the perspective are always flattering for her skin color as well as for the rest of her features.

You need some serious crowd control skills if you want to be a success in wedding photography.

There will be snap shooters who might interfere with the scheduled list of shots that you will want to take and that is something that you will have to prepare for. Talk to them and explain the situation to them so that they only shoot during the time that you allot for them.

Wedding Photography

Fix the wedding dress problem

wedding dressOne of the biggest issues that you will ever get to come across in wedding photography is the aspect of the wedding dress having a lot of white. The wedding dress has always been white and it looks like it will be that way for a lot more years to come. There is no way for you to stop that trend any time soon. The reason why this is such a problem in wedding photography is because of the fact that the camera tends to see a bright spot that can potentially ruin the entire picture. what the camera will then tend to do would be to subdue the spot where the wedding dress is in. this makes the photos end up with the wedding dress looking grayish and dull and that is not how it should turn out to be. The bride will not readily forgive you if you allow the wedding dress to turn out looking that way. This is not that difficult to fix though. All you need is a little positive exposure compensation dialed in and that should keep things into perspective one way or the other.

Learn how to manage the crowd during your wedding photography session

Although it really does not come with anything written that says you need good people skills, it goes without saying. You have to understand the fact that you will have to deal with people at some point or so. There will always be people attending the wedding event who will more or less try to get in the way. They will try to step in and meddle with the shots being taken, with the people posing, with the way they pose, and so on and so forth. You will need to make sure that you are really able to take the bull by the horns and face that problem right then and there. Talk to those people and tell them that you have a photo shoot itinerary that you will need to follow through with.

Give them a few minutes in between takes if they want to take photos of their own but let them know that it is absolutely crucial for them not to get in the way while you are in the middle of taking your shots. Make it a point wherein you let them know that you are absolutely serious about what you are trying to say. Be firm enough so that you will be able to command respect but balance it out with being friendly and polite so that you do not come off sounding a bit rude. It’s a delicate balance but it has been done by others who came before you so it really is possible for you to do it.

Get a second shooter in your wedding photography shoot without going broke

Hiring out a professional as a second shooter does not come cheap but if you offer an exchange of services with the other wedding photographers that you know out there who might be having the same problem as you are.